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  • If you are looking for a scooter hire in Umbria you have come to the right place. Umbria Scooter Rental provide excellent rates on vespa hire. We rent 125 cc LML Star with classic design and new 4-stroke engine, fully automatic (no gears). All you need is a car or motorbike driving license.

  • Umbria Scooter Rental offers guided tours to discover the most fascinating region of glorious landscape, medieval hill-towns and vibrant cities in a funny and exciting way. Surely this is the best way to spend a day on your scooter.

  • For those who love wine and wish to explore the perfect region for making it, red, white or sweet, you just named it, we offer Half-Day Tour by our mini-bus through the most famous wine itinerary in Umbria: Strada del Cantico and Sagrantino Wine area.

  • Umbria is a place filled with beautiful nature, wonderful food, and inspiring art and culture. We would like to help you get the most of it. Our tours have been specially designed to show you the most unique places of Umbria so by the end of the trip you may fall in love with our land and come back here again.


About Umbria Scooter Rental

Umbria Scooter Rental offers the most famous scooters Vespa for rent. Our Scooters, with their vintage design, will give you the opportunity to visit many beautiful places of the enchanting Umbria, in complete freedom with lots of style. Perugia, Assisi, Spello and other medieval villages can be discovered in a new, fun and practical way, thanks to the ease of driving, parking and the reduced environmental impact.



Why Our Scooters

Enjoy an amazing and unique experience.

Eco Friendly
Ride through nature, respecting the environment.

Wander through beautiful sceneries off the beaten track.